Roger White                        


Professor of Economics

Department Chair

Douglas W. Ferguson Chair in International Economics

Office: 562.907.4908


Whittier College

Wardman Hall 211

13406 E. Philadelphia St.

Whittier, CA 90506 USA



At Whittier College, I have taught a variety of Economics courses, including (in no particular order):


o   International Trade and Finance

o   Intermediate Microeconomics

o   Comparative Economic Systems

o   Migration in Global Perspective

o   Growth and Development

o   Introduction to Econometrics

o   Senior Project in Economics

o   America and Globalization

o   Principles of Macroeconomics

o  Principles of Microeconomics


I also regularly supervise Independent Study courses and seek opportunities to collaborate on research projects with my students. To date, I have been fortunate to co-author with five students and have benefitted as several other students have served as research assistants on a number of my projects.


My research largely focuses on topics relating to cross-societal cultural differences/distance, the immigrant-trade link, immigration policy/history, public opinion towards economic globalization, and the potential consequences of increased international trade for domestic labor. I have worked on additional topics related to trade (e.g., determinants of exporting behavior and the “distance puzzle”) and on development-related topics such as multidimensional poverty and mircofinance.


My primary objective is to contribute empirical studies that foster a greater understanding of economic phenomena (generally) and, more specifically, of international interactions.


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