Events for Prospective Palmer Members

There are many opportunities throughout the year to meet the Active Members of the Societies. Students are strongly encouraged to take advantage of each of these events to get to know more about the Societies they are considering joining. This also helps our members get to know you better so that they can decide on giving you an invitation to join our Society. These events include the Student Activities Fair held during Fall Orientation, as well as each Society's Open House and Rush, also held during the Fall Semester.

Some societies also choose to host events open to the entire campus or to anyone interested in joining in the fun. These are all terrific opportunities to meet new people, including society members. Finally, anytime you are interested in finding out more about Society Life, please approach a Member of ANY Society to find out more AT ANY TIME OF YEAR. They will be happy to discuss this great Whittier College tradition!


EVERY regular semester Tuesday: Rock Lunch- 12:30 pm, the Rock

Palmer Tuesday Night Mixers

Time to get off campus and take a break. Palmers set a designated time and meeting place for each outing and all are welcome to attend. Connect with an active to be included when the schedule is announced.

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Mixer @ Chillen in Uptown - October 2nd, 6-7pm

Open House - October 9

Homecoming Brunch - October 13

Mixer @ Churroholic - October 16, 6-7pm

Rush - November 10


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