Mission and Values of Palmer Society

The Palmer Society mission is to promote and to develop aesthetic appreciation amongst its members in an effort to attain to the highest ideals of womanhood. We believe the foundation of womanhood are the core values of friendship, loyalty, and sincerity.

These values to which we adhere guide us daily and toward our highest ideals. These ideals are expressed in a fourfold motto of friendship, service, loyalty, and scholarship and will help lead us to a fulfilling life.

These shared values along with the ideals to which we aspire guide us in our stewardship of the Palmer Society and define our Palmer Sisterhood— a Sisterhood which we carry with us always and will last our lifetimes and beyond.



Mixer @ Chillen in Uptown - October 2nd, 6-7pm

Open House - October 9

Homecoming Brunch - October 13

Mixer @ Churroholic - October 16, 6-7pm

Rush - November 10


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