Green Homecoming Campaign

Starting in 2008, the Palmer Society started sending homecoming invitations by e-mail only to members who provided a valid address upon request. This was in response to a growing number of members who felt all the paper was wasteful. We discovered many web services reliably delivered a quality product that reflect the printed invite and the spirit of the event. Further, the convenience of tracking attendance as well as updating information as the date approached was a nice value added for those planning the event.

Why Send Electronic Invites?

We found that rising postage rates were starting to consume a larger portion of the cost to attend homecoming. Between 2008-2012, total invite costs accounted for 25 percent of brunch costs. Results from our recent alumnae survey showed that 88 percent of respondents were not interested in paying higher brunch prices in order to receive printed invitations.

We took this feedback to heart and and after much deliberation decided to start sending electronic brunch invitations to the vast majority of Palmer alumnae in order to help mitigate the overall rising costs of brunch. This change took place even for those alumnae who haven't yet signed up for green homecoming invites. making the switch

Do Palmers still send paper invites?

Yes, paper invitations will continue to be sent to alumnae celebrating reunion years, graduates of the last decade, and recent homecoming attendees since 2002, for whom we can account for their attendance. If you regularly attend homecoming, nothing will change for you. However excluding reunion years, a majority of people in this group and our newer graduates have elected to forgo the paper invite for the convenience and savings associated with the Green Homecoming Campaign.

Please help us spread the word to Palmer alumnae and make sure we have your up-to-date email addresses. You can make sure we have your preferred email information here.


Mixer @ Chillen in Uptown - October 2nd, 6-7pm

Open House - October 9

Homecoming Brunch - October 13

Mixer @ Churroholic - October 16, 6-7pm

Rush - November 10


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