The applications for the 2019 Award are now closed and interviews will soon be held. We'll be announcing our prize at Homecoming Brunch 2018.


May 23 — Written Applications posted online
July 1* —Deadline: Drafts of essay questions and resumes due for mentor support request
August 5 —Deadline: Written Application packets due
September 5 — Interview Finalists announced
September 29-October 7— Interview window
October 13– Awards Announcement, Homecoming Brunch

With the extended application time, there is every reason that reasonable time management and work-life balance will permit submission of quality applications with supportive mentoring while still having time to enjoy the summer break. This model is not unlike post-graduate life balance. This is aimed at supporting our applicants not only for success with the Scholarship but coaching that will help them exceed in the professional arena.


The Scholarship is open to:

Office Hours

Regular office hours will be posted on a weekly basis within the Actives Group on Facebook and Yahoo starting June 5. Office hours will be held through Skype. Please sign up for an account and download the latest version at this link. Appointments are also available at any time with due notice.

Format Overview

Written Application

Scoring Summary

Participation and Leadership Scoring

This parameter aims to evaluate the applicant’s stewardship to the Palmer Society. Only completed service through Spring 2018 is counted towards the applicant scores.

Mission and Values Assessment

Each Applicant is evaluated by individual reviewers for how she upholds the stated Palmer Society Mission and Values.  (70% soft score) This parameter is evaluated through written behavioral based essays and the applicant’s personal record and goals as elucidated in her resume.

Applicants may request alumnae mentor support for coaching on their application. Alumnae mentors will help organize and discuss essays or the resume, wherever feedback is desired, however the content is the sole responsibility of the applicant. Mentoring sessions should be completed within 30-45 minutes, depending the negotiated time.


Invitations to interview will be extended to applicants based on written application scores. Interviewers will be given access to the applicants’ scored applications and scored feedback from alumnae sponsors. Interviewers may use this information to determine questions for the applicants or select from a list of predetermined questions assembled by the scholarship board. The interview panel uses all the information provided and learned from interview to build a consensus ranking of the applicants. Awards will be given as determined by the scholarship panel based on this ranking.


Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarships aims to award 2-3 prizes in the $1,000-$3,000 range. The payout for 2019 is TBA. The distribution of the awards will be determined based on written application and interview performance of the applicant field.

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