Palmer Alumnae Leadership Council

The Leadership Council is an organization for Palmer Society Alumnae with a mission of developing community through communication, society, and service. The group formed in 2009 with a goal of funding the Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarship. We continue to serve with an objective of providing value to our community in balance with a fulfilling life.


We welcome those interested in participating in the focus areas of Community Building, Community Service, Alumnae Endowed Scholarship, Professional and Leadership Development, or Publicity and Communications. We have recently started employing conference calling so that Palmer members can participate from where they sit everyday- whether that is Whittier or Timbuktu.  Those interested should contact Sandra Johnson or Jessica Will directly or at .

Quarterly Meeting Calendar for 2018

Mark your calendars

Q3- Sunday, July 15 – Summer Brunch to Lunch Potluck, Caryln Werderman hostess

Q4- Sunday, September 30

We do need hostesses for the April and September meetings.


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