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Palmer Rush 2017

Palmer Rush is this coming this Saturday and the Actives have a special day planned. Be sure to get your RSVP in by Wednesday for a great day with the Palmer Misses.

2017 Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarships Winners

The Palmer Society Alumnae Endowed Scholarships is proud to announce that the 2017 top scholarship prizes have been awarded to Sara Chiu '17 and Lauren Galantai '17. Nicole Dalton '18 will also receive a Finalist Award for her outstanding efforts. Learn more about this year's prize.

Diamond Dream Campaign - Mission Accomplished

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95th Annivesary Homecoming Brunch

Whittier Weekend 2017 was a historic one for The Palmer Society. A spectacular 95th Anniversary Brunch, the 2017 Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarship announcement, and the completion of the Diamond Dream Campaign were all sources of Palmer Pride this year. Wrap up and pictures are now posted


Saturday, November 19, 3:30-7:00 pm

Convene with your sisters over your favorite dish to share before facing the family later in the week at the home of Tina Princenthal '10. Electronic invites will be sent out.

New Palmer Website Coming Soon

We're getting an extreme makeover! Get a sneak peek of what you will see when you visit thepalmersociety.org to get all your Palmer Society news- a sleek website that we are excited to share with you now!



When is brunch? Is Whittier in session? What's going on? An at a glance look at Palmer Society happenings is on our Palmer Society Calendar for your convenience. Even better, add this Google Calendar to your Google Calendar and you'll always be in the know.

Green Homecoming

Alumnae members have expressed a strong interest in getting their invitations to Alumnae Events, including Homecoming, through an emailed invite. Share your most up to date information for the email you actually check using this handy Online form and never miss out again.

2012 Alumnae Assessment Survey

The results from the 2012 Survey to determine Palmer Alumnae interests and habits are now posted. Results

Palmers on the Internet

Where are the Palmer on the internet? Here is your short guide to finding us and keeping up with your sisters, including on social media resources. To find out more about how to stay directly in the loop with the Palmers, especially for alumnae events, be sure to check out "Palmer Alumnae Online" so you stay in the know.

Give to the Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarship

Giving is easy! Download this form: Scholarship Form and mail it in. If online giving is more your style, visit the Whittier College Giving Page and look for the [Give Now] button. Be sure to designate your gift. REMEMBER: Select [Specify your own], then choose [Other] from the drop down list. Then enter [Palmer Society Alumnae Endowed Scholarship] in the box that should appear. Also, you could leave a note in the [comments] box when you fill out the online form.

The application for 2017 are now available. We are using the summer break to set up mentoring opportunities and workshops. This is aimed at supporting our applicants not only for success with the Scholarship but coaching that will help them exceed in the professional arena.

We are currently seeking alumnae volunteers to serve as mentors (summer months through August 19), reviewers (August 21-September 14), and interviews (November 12 or 13) during the application process. We'd love to have you on board! Donors and sisters alike. Please contact us at thepalmersociety @ yahoo.com

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Whittier College All Society Participation Challenge

Whittier College challenges Society members every year with the All Society Participation Challenge to encourage giving to the College. Giving in any amount to any college fund counts! We're especially fond of the Palmer Alumnae Endowed Scholarship for this one, so you can help us twice when you give this way. The Society with the highest participation rate -so the most members who give- wins the top prize— Homecoming Brunch at Wardman House and $1,000 for the Actives' activity fun. Palmers took the top participation prize in 2011 & 2012. The contest is ongoing for each fiscal year from July 1 to the next June 30. Give today for current year's contest.