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Instructional Lab Reservations

The Instructional Lab

The Instructional Laboratory (Lab) is located on the ground floor of the Library building across from the Late Night Study area. The Lab supports the Library’s Bibliographic Instruction Program, IT Services’ training sessions, and academic workshops.


The Instructional Lab is intended for hands-on instruction in library, information technology (IT) resources, and academic workshops. Wardman Library’s Office Manger is responsible for scheduling the Lab and maintaining an up-to-date calendar of scheduled events. Librarians and IT staff may schedule the Lab for user instruction or training through the Office Manager. Faculty and staff who want to schedule a one-time use of the Lab for classes should also contact the Office Manager. Although scheduling will be on a first-come-first-serve basis, preference will be given to student instruction over staff and faculty training. Scheduling conflicts should be referred to the Office Manager.

College Writing Seminar (INTD 100):

During the first four weeks of each semester, priority scheduling will go to all professors who instruct College Writing Seminar (INTD 100) courses. These courses should be scheduled through Reference and Instruction Librarian John Jackson. All other courses and non-priority reservations are considered tentative during this time.

Lab use:

The Instructional Lab has been designed to provide a setting in which students, faculty, and staff can receive effective instruction in discovering and using a variety of traditional and electronic library and information resource.

Priority use of the Lab will be for:

Lab rules:

Lab equipment:

Please direct any questions regarding scheduling or availability of the Instructional Lab to Library Administrative Office manager Mary McGonagle, mmcgonagle@whittier.edu