Wendy Furman-Adams was born in Pasadena, CA. She received her Ph.D. from the University of Southern California, with an area of specialization in non-dramatic literature of the English Renaissance (especially Milton); and sub-specialties in Medieval literature, Restoration and Eighteenth-Century literature, and Italian Renaissance art. Since coming to Whittier in 1981, she has branched out further, offering courses like Dante and Twentieth-Century Irish Writers, as well as Literature of the Bible and Greek and Roman Literature. Professor Furman-Adams' courses are often paired with those offered by colleagues in History, Art History, and Philosophy. She also enjoys teaching first-year writing seminars (her current offering is called "Dreamers and Dreams from Plato to the Present"), as well as Introduction to Literature and Major British Writers to 1789 (the department's first-semester survey course for majors). Perhaps closest to her heart are the courses drawing on her areas of specialization: Dante; her senior seminar, "Writing Renaissance Women"; and, of course, Milton.

Professor Furman-Adams' research focuses primarily on Milton's Paradise Lost as an illustrated poem--a subject that requires a focus on feminist theory and theology, as well as on the relationship between art and literature. Her publications--many written collaboratively with Professor Virginia Tufte of USC--have dealt mainly with this subject, and have appeared in such journals as Philological Quarterly, Huntington Library Quarterly, Milton Quarterly, and Milton Studies. She was also co-editor of Renaissance Rereadings: Intertext and Context (U of Illinois P, 1988) and Riven Unities: Authority and Experience, Self and Other in Milton's Poetry (Milton Studies 28, U of Pittsburgh P, 1992). She and Professor Tufte are working on two book-length studies on Milton and the nearly 200 artists who have illustrated his poetry since the seventeenth century: Visualizing Paradise Lost: Artists as Interpreters, which surveys the long history of Milton illustration, and Re-Visions: Women Artists Reading Paradise Lost.

In 1982 Professor Furman-Adams was elected Secretary-Treasurer of the Renaissance Conference of Southern California (the regional affiliate of the interdisciplinary Renaissance Society of America), and served as President in 1988 - 89. In Fall 1987, she served as faculty advisor to students at the DiS Program in Copenhagen, and from 1992 to 1993 as Vice President for Academic Affairs/ Dean of Faculty. She has also served as English Department Chair, and is currently Coordinator for Whittier's Women's Studies Program.

Professor Furman-Adams is married to Whittier College professor Charles Adams. They live in Whittier with their daughter Jacqueline (born in 1990) and Scottish Terrier Angus. They love to travel (especially in Mexico and Europe), to read, and to spend time with family in the Northwest (between Olympia and Seattle). Professor Furman-Adams also loves to run, and has recently been enjoying a class on campus in pilates and yoga.
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