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While there has been action taken by LAUSD to close schools out of an abundance of caution based on a threat made specifically to LAUSD schools, the Broadoaks School is open and in session. As always, student safety is our first priority and all safety measures will be employed by school personnel. It is important to maintain instructional continuity and to send your students to school.

Serving Children and Their Families since 1906
with Programs of the Highest Quality

Broadoaks is a private, non-profit demonstration school serving approximately 350 children and their families each year. The school emphasizes developmentally based early childhood and elementary education as the foundation for later school success, social responsibility, and lifelong learning.

students and teachers

Our approach to teaching begins with our knowledge of how children develop, how they think and learn, and how their natural passion for learning can be captured so that they develop academically, socially, emotionally, physically, and ethically.

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The Broadoaks Children's School is an academic program at Whittier College. The school's mission is to provide a model of excellence in the care and education of children between 2 and 14 years of age and to create a dynamic center for the study of children, their education, their social worlds,  and their overall well-being.

Broadoaks also provides full and part summer programs for children from preschool through eighth grade. The summer program has included several academies such the Science Academy, the Music Academy, the Art Academy, and the Cooking Academy. Children enrolled in the regular academic year receive first priority for summer enrollment.

13514 Olive Drive, P.O. Box 634, Whittier CA,  90608

Phone: (562) 907-4250 Fax: (562) 907-4960

Community Care Licensing #191500460